European Foundations for Research and Innovation

The EUFORI Study consists out of a synthesis report and 29 country reports.

The synthesis report contains an  overview and analysis of the collective contributions of European foundations to Research and Innovation.

The country reports provide in-depth analyses of foundations’ support to Research and Innovation with detailed information for each country about the historical background, results of the research, innovative practices and main conclusions.

Below, there are several options to view and download the EUFORI report. The complete EUFORI Study report (containing both the synthesis report and the country reports) can be downloaded, or you can choose to view only the synthesis report or individual country reports.

Download the complete EUFORI Study report


Please click here to download the full version of the EUFORI Study report.

This version contains both the Synthesis Report as well as the 29 Country Reports. These reports can be downloaded as separate files below.

Please note that the full version of the EUFORI Study Report contains 1277 pages and is approx, 25 Mb in download size.


Download Country Reports

Click below to download a country report or navigate to the Countries and experts pages to learn more about the EUFORI Study country reports.