Progress of the Study

European Foundations for Research and Innovation


Progress of the Study

  • Defining the scope of the study 100%
  • Identification of Foundations 100%
  • Data Collection Quantitative 100%
  • Data Collection Qualitative 100%
  • National Reports 100%
  • Synthesis Report 100%
  • Dissemination of Research 25%

Defining the scope of the study

The kick-off for the EUFORI study was in July 2012 when the VU coordinating team started with the design of the study and the determination of the definitions for the scope of the study. In this first period, all National Experts have written a National Work Plan in which they have described their countries’ foundation landscape and method for identifying R&I foundations.

Identification of Foundations

From November 2012 onwards, the National Experts started with the identification of Research and Innovation foundations in their country. To send out the invitations for the (online) questionnaire  the (email) addresses of the foundations needed to be gathered by the experts and listed for the coordinating team.

Data collection – quantitative

From February 2013 onwards the VU coordinating team started with the set up of the online survey to enable the collection of the data. Together, the VU team and the National Experts determined the questions for the survey. In April 2013 the data collection officially started for the first countries. In May the remaining countries sent out the invitations for the survey. In the months that followed, the responses were monitored and actions were taken to increase the response rates.

Data collection – qualitative

From September 2013 National Experts started conducting interviews with typical R&I foundations in their countries. 5 to 10 foundations and additional stakeholders were interviewed to create a complete ‘picture’ of the role of Research and Innovation foundations.  In the same period, the National Experts started gathering innovative examples. These are examples of innovative projects and practices that were supported or operated by R&I foundations.

National Report

From November 2013 the National Experts started working on the first versions of the National Reports. Each National Report will contain:  an outline of the country’s contextual background; a description of the method of data collection; the results (quantitative and qualitative); a list of innovative examples; conclusion. Together with the final synthesis report the 29 National Reports will form the final EUFORI report.

Synthesis Report

The synthesis Report will contain a comparative analysis of the EUFORI results. The VU team started working on the synthesis report in March 2014 and the preliminary report was completed in December 2014.

Dissemination of Research

The EUFORI Study has been completed in thet beginning of 2015. At the moment the VU team and the European Commission are working on the official details before the dissemination will start and the reports will be published on the website. The expectation is that the reports will be posted in May or June 2015.