About the Study

European Foundations for Research and Innovation

Useful Documents and links

Find supporting documents such as relevant academic studies, documents used for the EUFORI study and websites that can provide more information about foundations.


Please find the results of the EUFORI Study on this page. Here you can download the entire EUFORI Report, or choose to view and download the Synthesis Report and/or Country Reports.

European Commission

The EC Directorate General Research and Innovation is the initiator and funder of the EUFORI study. Click the icon to read more about the DG Research and Innovation.

Design of the Study

Click here to read more about the Design and Background of the EUFORI study.

Progress of the Study

Take a look at the timeline and view the different phases of the study. At what stage are we now and when are the first results be expected?

Coordinating team

Meet the members of the EUFORI coordinating team from the VU University Amsterdam.