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 The EUFORI Study reports are now available as download.

Please go to the Results page to view and download the Synthesis Report and the 29 Country Reports of the EUFORI Study. 

The EUFORI Study

The aim of the EUFORI study is to quantify and assess foundations’ financial support and policies for research and innovation in the EU, make a comparative analysis between EU Member States, and identify trends and the potential for future developments in this sector. The basis for the work will be the collection of data on the characteristics and activities of research-funding foundations in each EU Member State.

Design of the Study

View more information about the background, progress and design of the EUFORI study on the about the study page. View supporting documents and meet the coordinating team. The results of the EUFORI research will be published on this page in due course.


Countries and Experts

The EUFORI Study is carried out in all EU Member states (plus Norway and Switzerland). In order to quantify and assess European foundations, National Experts on foundations are involved in the study. These experts have a proven trackrecord of doing research on foundations in their country. To learn more about the participating countries and National Experts, click here.


Do you have any questions about the EUFORI Study? Click here to contact the EUFORI research team.